Greater Canberra is very excited to be opening a range of new volunteer roles to enable members to support our advocacy in 2024. If you’re keen to get involved in one of these roles, just fill out our EOI form here, and we’ll be in touch.

What are volunteer roles?

Volunteer roles are opportunities for Greater Canberra members to get more engaged in the work that we do. These roles are designed to be:

  • Flexible - all these roles are designed to have flexible time commitments - you provide as much time as you want to.
  • Collaborative - roles will involve working closely with other volunteers and leads Greater Canberra Committee.
  • Easy to engage with - each role is designed to have a clear set of tasks and responsibilities, making it easy for volunteers to get working quickly.

What roles are available?

For 2024 we are calling for volunteers across the following roles:

  • Coalitions coordinator
  • Legislative coordinator
  • Events coordinator
  • Policy and research coordinator
  • Newsletter coordinator
  • Web designer
  • Content creator

For more details about what each role entails, check out our role descriptions here.

How do I get involved again?

To get involved fill in our EOI form here.