Let's say yes to affordable housing

We're on a mission to make our city more affordable, liveable, and sustainable

We believe the best way to reduce rents and house prices is to build more housing. We believe in a future where housing is abundant, and where everyone can enjoy a more sustainable and liveable city.

Together with our members, we’re making this future a reality.

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It's time for Canberra to build more homes

Let’s legalise housing

Harmful planning policies currently make it too hard to build the kinds of affordable, sustainable housing we need.

By reforming our planning laws to enable more housing choices in high demand neighbourhoods, we can lower house prices and grow our local economy.

By building up rather than out, we can reduce damaging urban sprawl, shorten commute times, and lower our carbon footprint.

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Graph showing Canberra house prices increased by 139% and rental prices by 79% since 2003

High housing costs mean we all lose out

All of us want to be able to afford to live near family, jobs and community. But our current high rents and house prices mean many Canberrans are facing severe financial stress. By building more housing in growth areas, we can stop the skyrocketing prices, and free up more money to spend in the local community.

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How you can make a difference

Show up

Will your suburb have vibrant, walkable neighbourhoods or endless sprawl?

Decisions about the types of development to allow are made in local consultations - which often represent only the interests of existing property values. Our consultations team can connect you with meetings in your area. You can make a difference for housing affordability in Canberra just by turning up and being heard.

Speak out

We know Canberrans want affordable housing and a beautiful, vibrant city. But many don’t see the link between better zoning policies and this better vision. Our communications team is working to change that through traditional media, social media and publications.

Write in

How do you think Canberra’s zoning laws should change? What should the territory allow to be built? As Canberra’s housing affordability advocacy group, we’re often invited by government to have a say on zoning decisions and planning reform. We work with our community to research and develop informed viewpoints on critical issues.

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