Greater Canberra welcomes today’s announcement that the Minister for Planning and Land Management, Mick Gentleman MLA, has approved Territory Plan Variation 375, enabling the Griffith Manor House Demonstration Housing Project to proceed to the next stage.

The Manor House is the second project in the ACT Demonstration Housing Project to obtain a Territory Plan variation, after the Stellulata Cohousing project in Ainslie (in addition to provisions for a potential future co-housing or social enterprise project in Watson).

“We are thrilled that the Griffith Manor House is able to proceed. The Demonstration Housing Project is an important effort to show how new kinds of medium-density housing can help address our housing crisis. Of course, a few demonstration projects aren’t enough - the Government must ensure that the results of the project are evaluated in a timely manner so we can expand ‘missing middle’ housing choices all over Canberra.” - Andrew Donnellan, Secretary, Greater Canberra

A recent research paper by Marko Torbarina, The Future of the Canberra Suburb, published by the Alastair Swayn Foundation, found that medium-density typologies like the Manor House could play a critical role in housing Canberra’s growing population in a more affordable and sustainable way, while maintaining what Canberrans love about our city.

Greater Canberra will continue to advocate for the Manor House and for other projects within the Demonstration Housing Project. As the Government continues with its Planning System Review and Reform Project, with a new Planning Act and Territory Plan coming in 2022-23, Greater Canberra will be pushing for planning rules that enable the urban infill we need for a more liveable, sustainable and affordable city.

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Greater Canberra was founded as a result of the Griffith Manor House Open Letter, a community campaign in support of the Manor House project. For more information about the Open Letter, see