Much like the average house price, Greater Canberra is growing faster than anyone expected.

We’ve had great success with our events, petitions and media campaigns. We want to do more, and we need your help.

You can read about it on this handy internet page.

Who are you looking for?

We’re looking for people who care about the Canberra housing crisis. You don’t need any particular experience or skillset. You just need to be motivated and ready to act.

You could be helping out with:

  • Event planning and organising
  • Meeting and collaborating with other advocacy orgs
  • Writing and editing op-eds
  • Organising petitions and mailing list campaigns
  • Bringing Greater Canberra’s vision and message to new social media platforms.

Hey, that sounds like me.

Great! If you’ve heard enough, you can apply here.

Tell me more about what we would do

Organizing! Our team organises people to support critical housing projects and changes to housing rules in Canberra. We do this in a few ways.


We get people together to support change in the housing system. Often decisions are made by who writes in, but this can be a high barrier for people! We get some food, have some chats, and make some change.

Petitions and campaigns

When an important idea is in front of the Assembly, a show of public support can swing the outcome. We write a petition, explain the cause and get signatures.


We know people in Canberra want a solution to the housing crisis, but there’s a lot of misunderstanding out there about the solution. We write about what needs to be done, in a way even your landlord uncle could understand.

Why should I spend my time on this?

There’s a lot of ways to volunteer, and you’re busy. Why should you spend time on this?

Because it makes a real, actual, noticeable difference!

Here’s an example: Right now, the YWCA are trying to build units in Ainslie for older women and single mothers who have survived domestic violence.

A few local residents wrote in against the development, and it was rejected.

When the YWCA made a second proposal, we ran a campaign supporting the development. We held an event where people made submissions supporting the project.

We’re proud to say that this time, public submissions were strongly in favour of the plan.

By joining, you’ll help us run more campaigns like this, to provide more affordable housing for more people.

What’s the time commitment?

As much or as little as you can contribute. We keep things flexible and plan which projects and campaigns we can support.

Sounds great. How do I apply?

If that all sounds good, you can apply here. We’ll reach out and have a chat!